Fem pile calculation in excel

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Fem pile calculation in excel

In the article to describe pile estimating and how to estimate cast in situ pile by the spreadsheet. And below are the following spreadsheet free download links. So, this article should be read civil engineering students.

The all structures load to bear foundation and foundations are transferring the total structure load on sub-soil.

Cast In Situ Pile Estimate | Free Download Spreadsheet

Foundation is making the some structure such as pile, and footing. Pile foundation is settling under to soil. Pile foundation is two type base one the construction method, Precast pile and Cast in Situ Pile. This type of pile are constructing a circular hole into the ground, installing reinforcement frame and filling the concrete in the place. The holes are making to boring machine, and then create this pile foundation in the upper construction method.

We will see how to pile estimating with the spreadsheet. The yellow color cell are input pile data in the excel sheet. All information and data are clear to fiend volume of materials. Pile Length, Pile Size, Casing ratio, Number of main rod, extra top and bottom rod, stirrups, Clear cover and no of pile.

If you want to share your male, you can do. And you can also free download civil engineering software and spreadsheet. If you want buying any premium IT services from Dailyworld.

DailyWorld tech is a complete solution for your business promotional marketing. So you can check our previous services click here and get a unique idea about business development processing. Your email address will not be published. Create an account too easy. Cast in Situ Pile The all structures load to bear foundation and foundations are transferring the total structure load on sub-soil.

Pile Estimating We will see how to pile estimating with the spreadsheet.Civil Engineering Spreadsheets. Structural Details. Geotechnical Spreadsheets. Password : www. Log in to leave a comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Sign Up Log In Lost your password?

fem pile calculation in excel

Forgot your password? Get help. Civil Engineering Community. Home Latest Posts. ProjectWise and MicroStation -Collaboration. Summary of Design Resistance Verification of a Beam. Foundation Design — Combined Footing. Civilax Premium Engineering Spreadsheet Resource. A spreadsheet is a computer application that simulates a paper worksheet where becoming increasingly popular in solving engineering related problems. Among the strong features of spreadsheets are their instinctive cell-based structure and easy to use capabilities.

Excel, for example, is a powerful spreadsheet with VBA robust programming capabilities that can be a powerful tool for teaching civil engineering concepts. Spreadsheets can do basic calculations such as cost estimates, schedule and cost control, and markup estimation, as well as structural calculations of reactions, stresses, strains, deflections, and slopes.

Spreadsheets can solve complex problems, create charts and graphs, and generate useful reports. This paper highlights the use of Excel spreadsheet and VBA in teaching civilengineering concepts and creating useful applications. All spreadsheets that you can download are fully functional.

However all spreadsheet are premium spreadsheets where you cannot download for Free. But we provide it free for our VIP Members.Design of Combined Footing Excel Sheet.

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Analysis of Rates of Building Construction in Excel. Requirement of Material and Labour for Civil Work. Design of Doubly Reinforced Beams. Design of Rectangular Pile Cap. Single and Continuous-Span Beam Analysis worksheet.

Design of Reinforced Concrete Staircase. Staircase Structural Design. Detail of Roof Truss. Design of Pile Cap Excel Sheet. Combined Footing Design. Concrete Tunnel Design. Checklist for Painting works Excel Sheet. Checklist for Pre-Concreting Excel Sheet.

Checklist for Plastering. Checklist for Masonry. Design of Retaining walls against overturning and sliding forces. Checklist for Concreting.

Checklist for Reinforcement. Checklist for Shuttering Excel Sheet. Checklist for Anti Termite Treatment. Checklist for PCC. Checklist for Excavation. Checklist for Boomi Pooja. Calculate Quantities of Materials for Concrete. Design of Retaining Wall Excel Sheet.

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Construction Quantities of Materials Estimate. Earthwork Calculation Excel Sheet. Daily Work Report Format. Road Estimate Excel Sheet.I have now combined these into one spreadsheet to provide a convenient and rapid analysis of laterally loaded piles, taking account of both soil and concrete non-linearity. The spreadsheet includes full open source code, and may be downloaded from LatPilePY.

Typical input and output are shown in the screen shots below; further details are given in the spreadsheet. I am a geotechnical engineer, who often read and download excel files from your web site.

I found they are great useful and would like to say much thanks to you for providing these excel program files and source codes for free. This program requires an input for soil stiffness as horizontal sub-grade modulus. This stiffness is not a soil property and depends on the size of the loaded area and not easy to estimate. I am often been asked by structural engineer to provide spring constant horizontal sub-grade reaction for a soil layer.

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This modulus is constant for each elastic material and will not depend on the area of load. This method also takes into account shear interaction between soil layers an so on. He has provided a source code in Pascal that can analyse pile in layered elastic materials subject to horizontal loads.

This theory document is extracted from a book by Professor Arnold Verruijt. I could not remember the book title as I read it 10 years ago, when I was in Uni. Now I only have just few copied chapters about pile analysis from the book and have no idea about its title. I could not understand the further more details into generating and solving soil matrix for a soil mesh to obtain interactions between soil layers and pile.

Like Like. I will certainly have a look at Prof. If you have some electronic copies you are happy to share my e-mail is dougaj4 at gmail. I also have some other soil models that I may add to the program when time permits. If you prefer to calculate your own values you can enter any number of your own PY tables, following the same procedure as used for the first layer in the example in the spreadsheet.

Nice Spreadsheet! Khaled — I will look at providing those options when I have some time, but in the meantime:. Fixed head behaviour could be modelled by entering a negative moment at the pile head so that the slope at the head was zero or any chosen value. This could be done by trial and erroror using the back-solver function in Excel. Also I have just posted an update which fixes a problem if there were two or more user input py curves, so you might like to download the latest version.

Could please show an example where to put row,column additional input PY table. Pingback: LatPilePY 1. Just checking to make sure, but it seems that with the units you chose to use for input, we could easily change this to lb and inches as long as we stay consistent with that throughout.

I think I have some confirmation of this in the example problems you include comparing these results to COMP. Do I understand this correctly? Yes, you can use any consistent units, provided you specify a fixed pile flexural stiffness. If you get the program to calculate the stiffness of a reinforced concrete pile then you have to use kN and m, with reinforcement diameter and cover in mm, and concrete shrinkage if specified in microstrain.

The example in the download file has a multi-layered soil, with three layers.To browse Academia.

Pile estimation using excel sheet.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Pile foundation design using Microsoft Excel. The program performs drained and undrained analysis for frictional resistance of the pile in clay, and uses critical depth approach for the analysis of the pile in sand.

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These type of programs not only give students state-of-the-art areas of the geotechnical engineering. The design procedure various types of problem in very short time period. Teaching this course in a classroom and boring for the students. The software Geocal [1] developed Pile foundation design in some cases is lengthy, as a joint project of several universities from UK which is always a limiting factor in an educational covers many areas of soil mechanics and geotechnical environment and there is not much we can do to engineering.

However, we may increase the student contains multimedia material for a typical university experience by exposing the students to many more undergraduate level soil mechanics course. Sharma cases and variations with the help of user-friendly and Hardcastle [3] developed a geotechnical labo- computer programs.

Computer programs with visual ratory software module.

Civil Engineers: Download FEM Pile Calculation Program in Excel

It covers common soil interface are easy to use even for students with little mechanics tests, which are presented in a multimedia experience with personal computer. It allows effective format. Masala and Biggar [4] also developed a virtual geotechnical laboratory for simulation of permeability Correspondence to H.

Canakci canakci gantep. There are various programs in the market entirely understood. Pile foundation is considered as performing advanced calculations on the topic. The soil just below the pile tips. The main advantage of this is that it facilitates active and experiential where Qult is the ultimate bearing capacity of a single learning.By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Learn More. Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. To use formulas efficiently, there are three important considerations that you need to understand:. To avoid unnecessary calculations that can waste your time and slow down your computer, Microsoft Excel automatically recalculates formulas only when the cells that the formula depends on have changed.

This is the default behavior when you first open a workbook and when you are editing a workbook. However, you can control when and how Excel recalculates formulas. Excel cannot automatically calculate a formula that refers to the cell — either directly or indirectly — that contains the formula. This is called a circular reference. If a formula refers back to one of its own cells, you must determine how many times the formula should recalculate.

fem pile calculation in excel

Circular references can iterate indefinitely. However, you can control the maximum number of iterations and the amount of acceptable change. Excel stores and calculates with 15 significant digits of precision. However, you can change the precision of calculations so that Excel uses the displayed value instead of the stored value when it recalculates formulas.

As calculation proceeds, you can choose commands or perform actions such as entering numbers or formulas. Excel temporarily interrupts calculation to carry out the other commands or actions and then resumes calculation. The calculation process may take more time if the workbook contains a large number of formulas, or if the worksheets contain data tables or functions that automatically recalculate every time the workbook is recalculated.

Also, the calculation process may take more time if the worksheets contain links to other worksheets or workbooks. You can control when calculation occurs by changing the calculation process to manual calculation. Click the File tab, click Optionsand then click the Formulas category. To recalculate all dependent formulas every time you make a change to a value, formula, or name, in the Calculation options section, under Workbook Calculationclick Automatic.

This is the default calculation setting. To recalculate all dependent formulas — except data tables — every time you make a change to a value, formula, or name, in the Calculation options section, under Workbook Calculationclick Automatic except for data tables.

To turn off automatic recalculation and recalculate open workbooks only when you explicitly do so by pressing F9in the Calculation options section, under Workbook Calculationclick Manual.The CivilWeb Soldier Pile Wall Design Spreadsheet is a powerful and easy to use design spreadsheet which completes the design of soldier pile walls or combi-walls.

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The spreadsheet also includes unique design tools which enable the designer to complete a fully optimised design in minutes, saving hours of design work on each soldier pile wall design.

The design of soldier pile walls is a very difficult and time consuming undertaking. The required depth of embedment of the soldier pile wall is where the moments caused by the active and passive pressures are equal. This depth must be determined iteratively which can lead to the calculations being repeated times before a satisfactory solution is found, and even then this result will not be very precise. The CivilWeb Soldier Pile Wall Design Spreadsheet uses computing power to repeat the calculations hundreds of times until a precise embedment depth is found.

This iterative calculation is repeated twice, once for each combination of partial action and material factors. After the minimum required embedment depth is found an additional length is added to the soldier pile wall in order to ensure that the design is not on the point of collapse.

The point of contraflexure for soldier pile walls can be taken as the depth at which active and passive pressures are equal. After the embedment depth is determined, the spreadsheet can then be used to design the soldier piles. Soldier pile walls consist of large steel piles which are driven or concreted into the ground at a regular spacing of around 1. The steel piles are usually I shaped piles though tubular sections can also be used in some cases. These are sometimes called combi-walls.

The gaps between the soldier piles are then filled with timber boards or steel sheet piles. The large piles resist the bending and shear forces while the timber boards or sheet piles retain the material. The spreadsheet calculates the maximum bending moments and shear forces acting on the soldier pile wall for both design combinations.

The spreadsheet then analyses a large number of standard sized I piles and tubular piles and determines which would be satisfactory for the input soldier pile spacing. The CivilWeb Soldier Pile Wall Design Spreadsheet then uses a unique I shaped retaining wall design xls tool which sorts all the satisfactory piles and presents them to the designer sorted by bending moment. This allows the designer to very quickly select the most suitable soldier pile.

The I shaped retaining wall design xls tool includes standard sized I shaped piles and tubular piles. The first step for the designer is input the geometry of the soldier pile wall. The retained height is usually the critical design parameter, though this is likely fixed by the site conditions. The CivilWeb Soldier Pile Wall Design Spreadsheet includes a dynamic drawing of the soldier pile geometry which eliminates the risk of any confusion over the exact definitions of the geometrical inputs.

Next the designer must input the soil design parameters into the soldier pile design spreadsheet. These include the angle of internal friction for the soil which can be determined from onsite or laboratory testing of the soil. These are critical design parameters and even minor alterations can have significant effects on the design, particularly the required embedment depth.

fem pile calculation in excel

For this reason it is important that these parameters are confirmed with site testing before the final design is completed. After the design parameters have been input next the designer needs to confirm the partial action and material factors.

The designer can alter these partial factors if required. This could be used to alter the design to suit a different standard or code of practice. Finally the designer can input the type, size and grade of the soldier piles. The CivilWeb Soldier Pile Wall Design Spreadsheet includes a unique suggested soldier pile tool which presents the designer with a list of suitable soldier piles sorted by suitability.

The designer can choose from universal bearing piles, universal columns, hot rolled circular hollow sections or cold formed circular hollow sections.

The soldier pile design spreadsheet suggests the most suitable of each type for two different steel grades so the designer can easily see which pile is most suitable and most economical. This handy tool saves the designer time in testing alternative steel pile sizes, types and steel grades, using this tool the designer can see at a glance which pile is best suited. These calculations are completed instantly saving the designer many hours of work on every design.

Also unique design and analysis tools such as the suggested soldier pile tool allow the designer to optimise the design in minutes without time consuming iterative design work. The CivilWeb Soldier Pile Wall Design Spreadsheet optimised designs will both save time for the designer and will save money during the construction phase of works. To try out a fully functional free trail version of this software, please enter your email address below to sign up to our newsletter. Your Email required.


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